Already bought from Douglas Wah ! Ty


Hi Scott. Are you planning to add Sunday play for Pickleball this year now that Saturdays are no longer available

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No plans at this time. If Sunday is added, I will send out an email in advance before posting dates.

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If you are not playing tomorrow, please remember to take your name off the "in" list. We had 13 no shows last Saturday. I don't want to charge for no shows but I will start if this continues. We have a lot of new people looking to play and they aren't able to sign up.


Is Pastore open today, November 27?


I believe Saturdays are no longer a thing. Well, there still will be Saturdays but not pickleball Saturdays at Pastore. At least as far as my eye can see.


Are there going to be any more weekend times to play?

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How do I sign up with guests?