Merry Christmas to all fellow picklers! I’m a ProKennex Rep - if you’re interested in a new paddle- check out our website.
Holiday discounts are currently still in place- expect a considerable savings right now!
You can email me anytime at: goosegone(miuku)icloud(piste)com.
I do have several happy paddler customers already in Rhode Island. If elbow or shoulder strain is an issue ProKennex was formed for that very reason.
Happy New Year !
Margo Peters

Scott, profile photo

Play needs to end by 12pm on Monday so plan accordingly. Bain Middle School has a scrimmage immediately following pickleball so i will be breaking down the nets at 12pm. Thank you.


if anyone out this morning, I would like to play.


I am out tomorrow Friday Dec 17 th if anyone wants a spot.

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Grabbed it.