For Sale#1: TMPR Tantrum LX Made in USA - quality construction.

Used less than 5-6 times. Almost new. Color-blue. Please google “TMPR Tantrum LX” for pics, specs, and reviews. Or visit tmprsports.com. $145 new. Asking $100.

For Sale#2: TMPR Ascend LX Made in USA

Used 3-4 times. Almost new condition. Longer handle. Color- gray. Please google “TMPR Ascend LX” or visit Tmprsports.com for reviews, specs and pics. $145 new. Asking $100.

Interested? Email EJ : ejmin10(miuku)gmail(piste)com

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For Sale: Paddletek Phoenix G6, 7.85 oz. Very good condition. Only 2 months old. MSRP is $90. Asking $65. If interested, text me at 508 837-5727.

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If you are looking to see who is playing at the Hope Road courts, please join this group.


All events not created by me in this group will be deleted. Thank you.


I did not see a schedule for Hope Highlands. Is there a schedule? Thanks!

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There is no schedule for Hope Road. It is open use, same policy as our tennis and basketball courts. A playerlineup page was created (not by me) to give players an idea who will be there in the evening.

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There is already a Hope Highlands group. It's growing nicely.


How do I join?

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Do a search on playerlineup for Hope Highlands.