cannot find hope highlands page.


It’s under: Hope Highlands


Spotlight is about to hit Cranston Pickleball. Thank you to all who helped Mike Montecalvo and his cameraman Johnny with the story. Full story tonight at 6pm on WPRI12


I have just created a player line up page for Hope highlands.There are 4 lined pickleball courts on 2 tennis courts,nets will be in lock box.The only time scheduled for tennis is Wednesday AM.Otherwise we must share with any tennis players who show up.I posted everyday at 5:00pm.Please be considerate and use player up to sign up or remove yourself,as you see fit,as I will not be canceling for any reason,that way people will know if they have 4 players,at least.Any suggestions to other times,welcome.Also Saturday mornings are mostly out due to parking situation,other fields are crowded with soccer and baseball players.


Can you send a link please, I can’t find it.


I am having a sign made to state the courts are reserved for tennis on Wednesdays morning from June - August. Also, I recommend that Saturdays be avoided as that facility hosts a large youth soccer league and little league organization and Saturday is a busy game day.


Mike Montecalvo of WPRI Channel 12 will be here on Friday (3/18) around 8:30am to do a story on pickleball. It will be part of their Street Stories series to air next Friday. Perhaps some incentive to come play tomorrow indoor.


Sorry I can’t make it. Missing my chance to become a star. I’ve worked on a song and dance number just for this occasion. It’s called the Pickle Ball Shuffle. I do hope you other Cranston pickle ballers put on a show.


Does anyone know the password for barrington? I’d like to join, but it won’t let me do anything without a password.



Maybe she means Patty’s Barrington group


Contact Patty W at 14013743715