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Pastore Youth Center, 155 Gansett Avenue [map]

This is a GROUP CLINIC run by Peter Kaczmarzyk. Each class is 2.5 hours and includes instruction followed by match play. All skill levels are welcome. Fee is $25 per class; Dates are January 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, & 26. Limit of 12 players per class. Sign up for as many classes as your schedule allows. Payment is expected in full by the first day. By signing up, you are committing to the class(es).

Availability list

10 / 12
Margot W Joanne J Dot N Darlene Cheryl B [4] JoAnn S Pat S [2] Elaine T [2] janice c Audrey W
Tom S Jackie S Maureen P Phyllis P Albert F Diane A [2] Mary N Anna v Elaine M Edward R Eileen C [2] Beth W Wendy B
Joanne B Deb P Dennis B Patty B Mark L Susan L Deb W Joseph T Elaine T Lisa F Tricia L Richard V Micki H Ellen M Joe D Patricia F Eileen K Steve K Rondelle Gene B Elaine B Danielle L Ron F Janell M John M Ronald M Andrea M Rose P Geri D Doris A Susan E Elaine C Joe M James Phil B MICHAEL Dana T Richard S Laurie M Paula c Sue S Jude H Sharon N Sharon N [2] Anne C Joe F Barbara Q Michael M Joe C Cindy M BQuirk Diane P Pauline George B Bob D Ed P Julie W EJ M Tammy J Sal c George M Bill N Renee P Jim P Margo P Yvonne A Gail B Melinda L Michala J William J Matt D Douglas W Karen P Brian l Ernie R Paul I Ramona M Jim h Melissa P Nancy R Steven R Don D Joyce M Diane H Rathana L Shawn P Catherine L Michele Frances L Joanna D Anthony C Stacey C Missy W Matt W Barbara Flora Jasmin G Mark D sal c [2] Vivian C Mark S Ira B Ira B [2] Mark B Charlene M Charlene L Paula B Stacy P ken T Tammy j [2] Jeff C Bob B Christine H Julie K Rose P [2] Michael F Susan B Barb M Tony M susan d Laurie Gary B Elaine H Roger T Linda R George B [2] Sue S [2] Steve E Liz D Charles TonyM Dottie L Christine B Bob J Gerry M Patricia O Gabi I Sorin I Ray F Monique D Cassandra C Ray D Elaine J Pat S Cassandra T Merry P Dante B Jo W LISA A Carol v Carol v [2] Don F Mark S [2] Barbara M Mark k Barbara M [2] Dave R Barbara M [3] Barbara M [4] Barbara M [5] Michael D Barbara M [6] Jane F Rachel F Jane F [2] Bob O Wynitia Naomi M Amy N Linda Debbie L Katie S Bill S Linda E Karen G Karen B Tom C Vanessa R Ed S Bob E Bob E [2] Bob E [3] Judy C Judy C [2] Ellen N vincent M John G Alicia Tom Kris T Annie C Eileen C Robert J laura M Deb Z Jane G Kathy L Patti D Rosemary G Julie C Joanne B [3] Vincent N KathyV Ron M Greg S Jason V anne s Gary V Ella Alan H Tony M [2] Johnny B Christina P Alex S Tatiana P D G Ann I Randi Linda M Bob L kenneth g Christion B Janice S Marilyn W LOUISE D Evan G Jack H Dennis D MaryAnn M Karen I Sherry S Linda Mel Anne M John m [2] Julie H Karen D Craig F Mike G Tom [2] Steve A Kerri P Jen P Jane A Siv Jeff B Patty W John C John C [2] John C [3] John C [4] Mary C Jean W Bill E Nancy N Ray R Maureen S Teri C Susan D [2] Judy L Cindy G Susan d [3] Mary M Elizabeth C Barbara F Ken S Stephanie R Joe L Jennifer T Norman P Richard P Cheryl B Cheryl B [2] Cheryl B [3] Mark H Mark H [2] Eileen L Kerrie c Cheryl B [5] Cheryl B [6] Deborah T Matt W [2] George C Peter W Lisa K Neil Jose C tom j Brent J Anna v [2] Steve Jess S Bill T Paula T Marsha M Derrick M Pat M LeighAnne H Leah C Raymond J Suzanne R Christine Christine B [2] Michael M [2] Rebecca R Kristin D Dawn B Ulysses C Joe P Meg G Lori O Debra Pat G Janet M Julie P Vito t Melissa M Rhonda M Melissa M [2] Butch S Deb C Allison L Wynitia S Joe P [2] marsha m [2] Mary L Lorre R Maria S Maria S [2] Karen J Maria S [3] Joanne P Eric C Beth F christine c Cathy B David M Carol V [3] Lisa B Christine H [2] Torry B Nate F Terri L Lynn W Erin S Michael W Lori M Josie C Eileen R Robin Patrick B Jane G [2] Michelle G Lisa B [2] Jim C Noah S Stephanie G Ryan H Carmen R David B R J Jane P Kenneth C Karen P [2] Andy B Maryanne K Kim S Lauren P Jeff M Leeanne Lori D Connie T Russel J Liz B Monique D [2] Tracey Z John M [3] Andrea A Robert B Crey B Paul H Teresa Paul H [2] Mark R Susan R Rebecca J Mike C Erika a Dianna G Cheryl M Candy C Bettina R ray c ColinM2 Charlene W Amy C Kathy D Kim N Janice S [2] Lauri Janette G Bruce J Jerry M TC Linda P Jonathan P Kayla R Sharon M Meghan R Sue C Sharon S DAVID G Christine A Anna S Anna S [2] GennyHunt Kerri K Kathy L [2] Rich C DonnaM Kia P Abby Aura A Bill K Debra H Irene B Peter K Scott S

Comment ...

Cheryl responded in

I'm only interested in the 11:30-2 clinics


I am only interested in the 11:30-2:00 clinics. I have signed in for Thursday Jan 12th@11:30.


That is perfectly okay Cheryl, you can sign up for any clinics you wish


Do we need a pickleball racquet or are they provided, or could we borrow one? I signed up for the clinic 11:30am but I've never played before, and don't have a racquet. Thanks!

Beth responded out

Is there a rain date? 35% chance of rain on Thurs.


Beth, we have a spare paddle on hand at the Pastore Center if you want to use it. Also, it's indoor so rain isn't a factor


ok great thanks! I would like to use the spare paddle- however, I now have a client tomorrow afternoon and need to change my RSVP, and wait for a weekend clinic or for a time when I can go that doesn't conflict with my work schedule- hoping for a weekend clinic soon!

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CLINIC Thu, Jan 12 at 09:00 AM 11 16
CLINIC Thu, Jan 12 at 11:30 AM 10 13
All Skill Fri, Jan 13 at 09:00 AM 32 22
All Skill Sun, Jan 15 at 04:30 PM 35 11

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