Cranston Recreation offers pickleball for all experience levels. Casual environment where all levels play together across 3 courts at the Pastore Youth Center, 155 Gansett Avenue. Fee is $3 per visit. Residents and non-resident welcome.

This page is to be used only for information related to play in the Pastore Youth Center. All messages should relate to that topic solely. No solicitation of any kind is allowed.

Sport Pickleball
Home city Cranston
Team members 755
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We continue our group lessons outdoors, you can sign up here

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Contact person: Scott Sevegny, Recreation Program Coordinator


Court location: Pastore Youth Center, 155 Gansett Avenue, Cranston

Fee is $3 per person, per visit.   Punchcards are available for $50; each card has 20 punches. Punchcards can be shared between couples/partners. If you are unable to make it to any day for which you have signed up, it is important you remove your name in a timely manner so it opens a spot for another player.