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Pastore Youth Center, 155 Gansett Avenue [map]
$3 per person. All levels welcome

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Joanne B Rondelle Ron F John M Jude H Joseph T Elaine T Susan L Mark D Patricia F Patty B Dennis B Janell M Richard V Diane P JoAnn S Don D Bob J Elaine H Laurie Vivian C Julie K Diane H Gene B Tammy J
Cindy M Bill N Charlene L Ernie R Paula B Joe D Bob B Sue S Joe M Joe C Charles Ellen M Rachel F
Deb P Mark L Deb W Lisa F Tricia L Micki H Eileen K Steve K Elaine B Danielle L Jackie S Ronald M Andrea M Tom S Rose P Geri D Doris A Susan E Elaine C James Phil B MICHAEL Dana T Richard S Laurie M Paula c Sharon N Sharon N [2] Anne C Joe F Barbara Q Michael M BQuirk Pauline George B Bob D Ed P Julie W EJ M Sal c George M Renee P Jim P Margo P Yvonne A Gail B Melinda L Michala J William J Matt D Douglas W Karen P Brian l Paul I Ramona M Jim h Melissa P Nancy R Steven R Joyce M Rathana L Shawn P Catherine L Michele Frances L Joanna D Anthony C Stacey C Missy W Matt W Barbara Flora Jasmin G sal c [2] Phyllis P Mark S Ira B Ira B [2] Mark B Charlene M Stacy P ken T Tammy j [2] Jeff C Christine H Rose P [2] Michael F Susan B Barb M Tony M susan d Gary B Roger T Linda R George B [2] Sue S [2] Steve E Liz D TonyM Dottie L Christine B Gerry M Patricia O Gabi I Sorin I Ray F Monique D Cassandra C Ray D Elaine J Pat S janice c Cassandra T Merry P Dante B Jo W LISA A Carol v Carol v [2] Don F Mark S [2] Barbara M Mark k Barbara M [2] Dave R Barbara M [3] Barbara M [4] Barbara M [5] Michael D Barbara M [6] Jane F Jane F [2] Bob O Wynitia Naomi M Amy N Linda Debbie L Katie S Bill S Linda E Karen G Karen B Tom C Vanessa R Ed S Bob E Bob E [2] Bob E [3] Judy C Judy C [2] Ellen N vincent M John G Alicia Tom Kris T Annie C Eileen C Wendy B Diane A Joanne J Robert J laura M Deb Z Jane G Eileen C [2] Kathy L Patti D Rosemary G Julie C Joanne B [3] Vincent N KathyV Ron M Greg S Jason V anne s Gary V Ella Alan H Tony M [2] Johnny B Christina P Alex S Tatiana P Scott S

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Merry Christmas to all fellow picklers! I’m a ProKennex Rep - if you’re interested in a new paddle- check out our website.
Holiday discounts are currently still in place- expect a considerable savings right now!
You can email me anytime at: goosegone(miuku)icloud(piste)com.
I do have several happy paddler customers already in Rhode Island. If elbow or shoulder strain is an issue ProKennex was formed for that very reason.
Happy New Year !
Margo Peters

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